REVIEW album JUJ Mood (Single)

JUJ Serves Us Chilled Self-Confidence With 'Mood'

Mood (Single)


Produced by Essancy, JUJ's new single ‘Mood’ is a quiet, powerful slow-burner of a song that depicts real-life decision and subsequent struggles with family and friends to leave them behind and branch out on her own by moving to another city at a very young age. It was the negativity in all around JUJ that inspired this song, people not realising she had made a plan for herself for independence and was going to stick to it. So there. Deal with it.

JUJ employs her trademark smooth undulating vocals punctuated now and again with a passionate statement of sorts. “Don’t kill my mood” she sings as a kind of stand-off but it is so calm and self-assured and, well - chilled - that you know this person knows exactly what they’re doing. So, y’know, chill man and step out of their way. It’s all going to be fine. The song brims with self-confidence without straying into negativity. It is actually a bold but uplifting testament to a young woman’s growth and maturity.

Inspirational and thoughtful, JUJ is an inspirational artist talking through her music to her peers about how they can do this too and change their own world. Anything is possible. Be cool and don’t be afraid. ‘Mood’ is all about being empowered and being chillaxed despite people placing unnecessary obstacles in your way. Catchy in a calm, measured, way which is both appealing and soothing . If ‘Mood’ is anything to go by then JUJ will bring many more intelligent, vibey measured hits to the table.