REVIEW album Makaws Feeling (Single)

‘Feeling’ Is An Unmissable Bright Pop Of Musical Sunshine

Feeling (Single)


Makaws duo Michael Foster and Alex Girón transplanted from Spain to Brighton to put the finishing touches to their sound. And it's with these sunshine and seaside vibes fully reverberating they release new offering, ‘Feeling’, a track representing perfectly infused summer feel-good pop of the highest order.

Makaws can transport you from your humdrum commute to blue skies, sparkling seas, sun-dower cocktails and euphoric beach parties, in under 3.5 minutes – more swiftly and arguably more effectively than any budget airline. As the song says, ‘just have some fun!’, and who are we to argue?

Surprisingly, the architect of this dancefloor-filler, Michael, has been quoted as saying he finds sad songs much easier to write, with this single he may have turned that corner.

‘Feeling’ channels the elation of love at first sight, he said “it reflects the beauty… the tension & mixed feelings… stupidly falling in love in minutes”. Under 3.5 minutes to be exact. ‘Feeling’ is an unmissable bright pop of musical sunshine on your horizon this summer.