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Mozart's Sister Launches Herself With 'Being'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

In a musical sector quickly becoming saturated with new and developing talent, it’s important for solo female artists to develop a sound or niche that is different from their counterparts.


Mozart’s Sister is looking for this approach with her debut album "Being", ensuring she has full control over its sound by writing, recording and producing it solely herself.

That said, the route of synth-based music with distorted beats and soft vocals is a beaten track. So what sets Calia Thompson-Hannant’s work aside from those of her peers?

The simple answer might be that it has a broader appeal to the mass-market, something delivered by Being’s radio-friendly, simplistic tracks.

Mozart’s Sister doesn’t carry the same bite as Mø, the same polished pop-trait of Charli XCX, the same standout single that Tove Lo enjoyed with ‘Habits’.  Admittedly this means she isn’t as much of an impactful artist as those alluded to above, but that isn’t to say her music isn’t exciting.

Being’s opening track ‘Good Thing Bad Thing’ is catchy, with ‘Salty Tear’ and ‘A Move’ both being excellent, instantly recognizable pop tracks.  The slower ‘My House Is Wild’ is the perfect foil ahead of album closer ‘Chained’, which is a perkier, upbeat number.


Released later this week on Asthmatic Kitty, a label shared with artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Pepe Deluxe, Being is a recommended listen.

It’s been drawing plaudits from musical critics, with Mozart’s Sister strongly tipped to be a big success in the future.