REVIEW album Jamieson Change The World (Single)

'Change The World' Delivers A Mantra Of Hope & Purpose To Us All

Change The World (Single)


A Londoner with Columbian & Scottish heritage, Jamieson’s music raps an autobiographical yarn with hooks and melody a-plenty. His creative expression has taken him on a journey to challenge himself to be the best artist possible and has included a move to New York and past collaborations with rap heavyweights Sean Price, Joell Ortiz, Skyzoo and Emilio Rojas.

His new single 'Change The World' is an infectiously catchy, sunshine infused banger of positivity. Lyrically, this commercial rap/pop fusion is vivid, “Love conquers fear / so don’t be afraid to make mistakes / because that’s where stripes are earned /be grateful for your errors because that’s where you learn… negative vibes don’t sound good… together we can change the world just a little bit”.

Undeniably both the message and the delivery is on-point in these turbulent and troubling times. The track is all at once uplifting, vibrant and charged with a positive energy and a sense of purpose. There is everything to take from that as we clock the negativity and conflict on our TV screens and social media; the trick is to empower oneself, to get together and organise oursleves even in small ways that can make a difference- and to act accordingly for the betterment of the planet and our humanity. Jamieson delivers a mantra of hope and purpose to us all.