REVIEW album HM Johnsen Walk This Road (Single)

On 'Walk This Road' - Every Guitar String Pulls At The Heart

Walk This Road (Single)

HM Johnsen

HM Johnsen said “My heart belongs in the guitar” and this is something you can hear with every single note on his new single ‘Walk This Road’. Awarded the “Norwegian Blues Union Artist” of the year 2018, Johnsen has certainly been prolific from a young age and has played over 50 concerts in his native Norway, Germany and America.

Aged just 22, his musical and lyrical storytelling carries a maturity that belies his tender years. He is truly at one with the music he plays. It’s his musical passion, sweeping through and touching on genres including rock, the blues, Americana, indie and even metal, that completes his deep connection and understanding of the essence of guitar-based music. And so it is with 'Walk This Road' - a song born of many genres and much introspection and soul searching for truth. In it he appeals to a good friend to seek the 'right' path and turn his life around. It's a positive message delivered with sincerity and with every guitar string pulling at the heart- and intentionally so. Masterful music making at its best.

HM's vocals on the track are singular, unique and surprisingly brimming with life experience. Maybe it was the time he spent living in a caravan in the woods in his native Norway, not just playing Pink Floyd records, but really listening to them, or a childhood with a guitar constantly by his side.

His bio describes him as, “a young man with big thoughts”. If 'Walk This Road' is anything to go by you can add to that a big future.