REVIEW album Emma Jaye Selfish Love (Single)

Emma Jaye Crafts A Protection Spell For The Heart With 'Selfish Love'

Selfish Love (Single)

Emma Jaye

Imagine a bunch of your favourite, empowering, female artists all rolled into one perfect pop star. Emma Jaye could fit the bill quite nicely indeed.

Beyond her undeniably fresh-faced attractive look (think those early Mouseketeer talents), Emma Jaye is delicately but powerfully voiced with something to say: a multi-faceted talent with strong message about self-belief and self-esteem.

Making music from age 8 and with influences from Hannah Montana to Beyoncé and Toni Braxton, Emma Jaye went on to overcome her crippling shyness with the aim to bring her musical talents and message to a wider audience.

New single, ‘Selfish Love’ is about protecting yourself from heartache and not being drawn into harmful situations, certainly something most teens can relate to. Emma Jaye vocalises the tricky dilemma between following your head and listening to your heart, extremely well. 'Selfish Love' then, isn't about that other person, it is about loving yourself.

The video sees a sensitive Emma Jaye pull off a head-spinning array of costume changes, as the California sun shines, setting the tone for this irresistibly catchy, believe- in-yourself, don't let yourself be pulled down, pop banger.

If there's anything worth believing - it is in Emma Jaye's talent. Definitely one to watch.