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The Change In Pace Through Awolnation's 'Run' Will Please Loyal Fans

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

It’s been almost four years to the day since Awolnation first released their debut album 'Megalithic Symphony', although they haven’t been completely silent! Aaron Bruno and co has released a series of EP’s in that time, including the re-release and mighty success of atmospheric ‘Sail’. Their second full length record 'Run' will be released on the 16th March, what will the band have to offer us this time round? Well, expect another fourteen track record brimming with the same signature sound we know and love from their earlier material.

However I’m still not convinced there’s any real stand out tracks such as ‘Kill Your Heros’, ‘Burn It Down’ or indeed almost any track from the debut. This isn’t to say there won’t be one, as with any great album it takes some growing into.  Opening track ‘Run’ effectively introduces the listener to the record, showcasing Awolnation’s electronic rock style. The layers of electro and violin create an eerie effect, which builds when Bruno’s voice drowsily chants ‘I am human being, capable of doing terrible things’. When the beat drops the song is suddenly swept into a frenzy, you can imagine the crowd waiting for the moment at a gig, and the whole place erupting into a sea of mosh pits.

This build up and sudden change of direction makes you excited for what’s to come, but there’s another change of pace again with second track ‘Fat Face’, and this time it doesn’t quite work. It’s not that this isn’t a great song; it’s just strangely placed and would maybe work better later on in the album.

We then arrive at the album’s first single ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’, an instantly likeable track that is the most memorable on the album after the first few listens. After this, the record hits its stride and comes together, pleasing loyal fans but maybe not attracting the mainstream listeners who flocked to ‘Sail’. But isn’t that the point of alternative music? It’s something different that isn’t playing it safe and is experimenting with new sounds and ways of making music.

If you fancy seeing Awolnation live they’re playing in London April 1st but unfortunately are spending the rest of the summer touring America!

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Words by Anna Sharp