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CON's Project London Closes With A Fitting Climax

Con's Project London was a month long creative showcase of art and events following the successful series which has  featured across the US and Canada.  

Down in the depths of Peckham in London, the CON's “Project London” has been hosting a number of art and cultural based activities for the last month. The Project London team have taken over a disused warehouse and turned what would normally be an empty dilapidated building into a thriving arts center; housing a skate park, recording studio and photography gallery.

The London faction follows what have been successful projects in LA and NYC and the Peckham based events seem to have been equally well received.  Subba-Cultcha was invited down to the closing party to catch headliners Mount Kimble and their support.

The set-up was simple… celebrate the end of the project with beer, BBQ & great music and this was exactly how it went down.  The sun was shining as the attendees lucky enough to get the balloted tickets enjoyed the free bar while listening to the sounds of the opening DJ “Dead Boy”.

Although the free bar was being wholly taken advantage of while Dead Boy was in full swing, his set made for fantastic listening. He managed to disguise a rather sparse floor with a fantastically energetic light show, bass thumbing from the speakers and captivating those who had freed themselves from the lure of the booze.

An hour or so later and as the sun went down, Mount Kimble were on stage to take control.  The room was packed, the lights were dazzling, the room was sweltering (literally!) and the crowd were in a frenzy.  Mount Kimble went from song to song with the crowd bouncing to the tunes and the energy (and the heat) increased as the evening went on.  A superb set!

The set up for the evening was a resounding success; superb music, a great atmosphere and a clever use of space.  However, as a small side-note I was slightly conflicted.  CONs have spent a lot of time and energy creating a wonderful hub to showcase the raw and edgier side of London’s creative talent but the party seemed to be for the media glitterati such as myself.  It was a fleeting thought though as I went back to the bar to enjoy my fifth free cocktail.