REVIEW album Ben McKelvey Stronger (Single)

Ben McKelvey Delivers Punchy Self-Affirmation With 'Stronger'

Stronger (Single)

Ben McKelvey

Talented multi-instrumentalist, Ben McKelvey, follows up previous single ‘Wild Child’ with another confident anthemic corker, ‘Stronger’. We can assume this is a personal story, Ben having been drummer in a punk band in his teens, only to fall ill and bedridden (which is when he taught himself guitar) and thankfully return to health and the music circuit, playing shows supporting the likes of Wet Wet Wet, Genesis & Mike & The Mechanics. He sings poetic stories of ‘life and love in England’ exceptionally well. His influences include The Jam, Springsteen, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds & Johnny Cash.

The song encourages mind, body and spirit to be strong. The video features Ben facing physical challenges outdoors and in the gym (notably where he seems most comfortable when not on stage). The real strength, though, is developed inside the mind and soul - creating newly bolstered grit and determination. It's about being knocked down and yet somehow that very trauma making you bounce back even harder to face life's trials and tribulations. It is both a message to his fans and a self affirmation for himself, one suspects.

Ben McKelvey’s style of folk/rock is genuine, contemporary, hook-laden & highly recommended. Catch him on tour in the UK this Autumn with the Bruce Springsteen Band ’s Jake Clemons, as well as headline shows in London & Manchester. And while you're at it - put 'Stronger' on your mp3 player of choice to remind you that you can overcome anything with the right attitude.