REVIEW album Kellimarie Look At Me (Single)

Look At Me : A Tale Of Young Desire & Unrequited Love

Look At Me (Single)


She's tipped as one of the most exciting songwriters of her generation by the head of song writing at BIMM college Birmingham, Kellimarie is already the pride of Coventry. An emerging talent, who featured on CBBC’s Got What It Takes and has played guitar since age 7, she comes over like your super-cool but relatable school friend on brand new single, 'Look At Me'.

The song shares the story of a girl just wanting to be loved by a certain guy, and the desire for him to see her the way she see’s him: the sorry tale of unrequited love and of being 'ghosted' by someone you felt you had a connection with. Yes, we've all been there. It would be easy to fall into the trap of thinking she's singing about the kind of love still out of reach at such a young age but, then again, who didn't feel that kind of rejection as a young person by someone you adore? It's how we grow as we move beyond rejection, hurt and managing our strong feelings. The video portrays it well: her young peers supporting her as she tries to work out her feelings at this unfathomable silence from the guy she loves. A rite of passage indeed.

Kellimarie is clearly an artist with a maturity well beyond her years. The songwriting ability and, indeed strong, husky vocals, show amazing prowess: the poignant lyricism and vibey melancholy sound from such a young artist are also something special to behold. A talent to seriously watch, she will undoubtedly 'grow into her own skin' and establish her own personal style as the years go by. This girl is on a definite musical journey and she has all the talent to back it up.

On paper 'Look At Me' may seem like typical teen fodder, but Kellimarie’s genuine lyrics and beautiful vocal performance set her apart from her peers. 'Look At Me' is on repeat… and giving us nostalgic pokes in the heart of memories of love-lorn youth.