REVIEW album Moses Brown Rueda (Single)

A Sultry Song To Dance To With A Beautiful Stranger...

Rueda (Single)

Moses Brown

Moses Brown is quite some guy: he is an all-round human phenomenon: not only is he a completely self-taught artist: writer and performer, he’s also a two times European champion at Capoeira! Quite the character, then. And very aptly, the single ‘Rueda’ corresponds to movement (meaning ‘wheel’ or a type of dance where you circle around) which makes perfect sense coming from a very physical guy like Moses Brown.

Half Spanish language and part English with more than a hint of Parisian lilt about it, this song relies heavily on its vibes and its loops which are basically triggers to compel you to dance with someone you fancy. Indeed the song was inspired by a romantic ‘brief encounter’ of sorts between the artist and a beautiful Brazilian girl on vacation in Paris.

‘Rueda’ has no side to it. There is nothing to read into it except enjoy the moment. It is wistful love song where he describes dancing in the streets at sunset in Montmartre knowing full well he will never see this beautiful woman again. But there is always the beauty in that ‘moment’ and ‘who knows what will happen tomorrow, we may meet again’ kind of thing.

The pulsating vibe of the song (almost, but not quite, afrobeat in my opinion) matches perfectly with this brief but beautiful encounter in the summer streets of a romantic setting. Who wouldn’t dig a song that makes them feel like that? One for the summer playlist for when you feel the sun on your face when it’s hot in the city. Close your eyes and you can be with that perfect someone and your hips won’t lie. Idyllic and gorgeous. Download it now and get your sultry dancing feet on.