REVIEW album SILVER Let's Talk Tomorrow About Last Night

SILVER Is Fresh Yet Classic On 'Let's Talk Tomorrow About Last Night'

Let's Talk Tomorrow About Last Night


Silver is a band of brothers who deliver texturally rich, guitar-driven rock n' roll. Their new EP manages to encompass musical diversity and adopts the musical essence, nostalgia, and discovery of the late '60s and '70s as they mix rock n' soul with a more modern approach.
The band consists of Greg Gilmore (vocals, guitar) Jeff Knight (drums), Brendon Lund (bass), Adam Landis (keys) and Josh Kisor (lead guitar).

The only thing I don't like about their new EP 'Let's Talk Tomorrow About Last Night' is it's only five songs and left me thirsty for more. Luckily, the five songs are the kind you can listen to on repeat. The songs feel familiar but fresh. They are honest and fuelled by great songwriting, lyrics that are animated by universal truth and the power of the guitar.

Kicking off with 'Live Again' loaded with harmony and crackles with life. Taking a page from the book of Tom Petty the songs are filled with musical diversity and relatable stories. 'Good Enough' is a guitar-driven catchy, singalong song about love and insecurities. Next up the band takes us to twangville with 'Wait', rock n' soul with 'Go Home', and the hook-filled 'The Chase' filled with emotional vocals and riffs.

Undeniably Silver is heavily influenced by the artistic giants of melody-oriented guitar rock. That isn't to say that Silver is stealing anything from the rock n' roll masters that came before them. It's just that if you're trying to write catchy, immediate songs about love and life, on a guitar with your super tight band, you might come out sounding like them whether you intended to or not.

Silver's 'Let's Talk Tomorrow About Last Night' is stick-in-your-ear hooks, singalong lyrics, howling guitars, and drum-smacking beats. More, please!!