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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Delightful alt-folk from Ohio...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS:“Purveyors of beautifully skewed, DIY alt-folk, Saintseneca carve moments of poignancy from a deceptively simple formula. Anthemic yet heartfelt, accessible yet intimate, songs like ‘Happy Alone’ tap into a vein of bittersweet songcraft; the results just plain lovely at times. It’s easy to see this lot hitting the big time before too long, but there’s a simple sincerity to their songs that divides them from the Mumfords of this world... and a great deal of craft, too. Give their latest single a listen below and see if they don’t carve out a niche in your heart (or get you singing along like a punch-drunk teenager. Whatever floats your boat.)”
Saintseneca is a young band from Columbus, Ohio led by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist 
Zac Little. Following in the footsteps of bands who have sought to twist the music of the old weird America into new shapes – from the 
Violent Femmes to 
Neutral Milk Hotel – Saintseneca perform songs that sound familiar and uniquely original all at once. They’re newly signed to 
ANTI-, and  release their album 
Dark Arc on 
31st March.

Songwriter Little says of ‘Happy Alone’ : “This is a love song, a meditation on doom, the joy and the transcendence in all of that. I found the song in a bass that was half melted from the time when my bedroom had burned down. I didn't even know the bass worked, but kept it anyway. I plugged it into this raspy little amp and found all of these little songs with it, bouncing around in the reverb tank. There is joy in doom, and doom in joy.”

Dark Arc was 10 months in the making and was produced by the band and renowned producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit, M.Ward, Monsters Of Folk).

Expect UK live dates to be announced shortly.