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Angelo Rose Delivers Beauty & Good Karma With 'Glisten'


Angelo Rose

On Angelo Rose’s 'Glisten' there are many passages and turns of melodic and harmonic that bring on that peaceful easy feeling.

Rose writes gentle and inviting songs, which might ostensibly be regarded as dwelling in the folk realm but are far more expansive than that suggests, they are an expression of hope, sadness and the rejuvenating beauty of time and life.

Rose can be described as a songwriter, a guitarist, a singer, a composer or an improviser, as he plays every part and every instrument on every song on 'Glisten'. He has a unique way of conjuring atmosphere and imagery in his music, 'Glisten' is an ideal entry point to his music.
Self-produced by Rose, his song structures are mostly traditional singer-songwriter, and in listening to the songs you wonder if Rose himself has been heavily influenced by the artistic giants of melody-oriented rock.
On virtually every song on the album, emotion is built into his casual, yet robust vocals. Rose keeps it simple and seems to understand there is no need for overkill with his organic sound and honest songwriting.

'Glisten' opens with the reminiscent feeling "A Little Too Long," where Rose channels the 1960’s and 70’s soft rock poets that came before him or perhaps he grew-up listening to in car rides with his family. The second song "There's A Hole" is a soul-searching and relatable tale backed by shimmering guitar riffs. "Love This Town" is a singalong with the convertible top down and the windows open as you drive down a big city boulevard. "Hammer Named Kindness" delivers chiming guitar lines, while “Mighty Algonquin” and “Temple Of The Sea” have a folk feel that would make James Taylor smile.

'Glisten' is emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Angelo Rose will be donating 100% of the proceeds from sales, streaming and downloads of the album to Haiti humanitarian efforts and St. Damien Pediatric Hospital.
You can donate to St. Damien Pediatric Hospital by purchasing or streaming the album here: