REVIEW album Wreckage Of Society Breathing

Wreckage Of Society Drop 'Breathing'

I will be honest, I have only recently found out about Wreckage Of Society. However I have been hooked on their anthemic and hard hitting sound since day one after being recommended to check them out.

The band are everything you would expect from a melodic rock group and they have delivered the goods with their new single ‘Breathing’.

‘Breathing’ appears to have found its own distinctive sound whilst still remaining true to the rock scene. Also, although the track is unique in its own right it does take influence from some of the bands biggest idols like Alter Bridge and 3 Doors Down.

The track starts with an anthemic driven guitar and a nail biting drum beat before lead vocalist Luke Smith meets the tight mix with an impeccable vocal performance.

The chorus sticks on you like an infectious addiction. As a result you cannot help but hum the song in your mind well after giving it a spin.

Overall, I was very impressed with this new track from the Bristol based alt-rockers. Also if this song is anything to go by, then there is no reason why this band cannot go from strength to strength.

This track is best served loud and would not sound out of place being blasted out of a stadium sound system. Therefore, If you love proper rock then you are in for a treat here with this one. With killer guitar licks and strong vocals, you have everything you need.

Find out for yourself. You can listen below.