REVIEW album Helen Zenzer We're Not Together Anymore (Single)

Helen Zenzer's 'We’re Not Together Anymore' Is A Pop Country Smash Hit!

We're Not Together Anymore (Single)

Helen Zenzer

Helen Zenzer's new single 'We’re Not Together Anymore' is everything you would expect from the Essex based singer.

The track starts with a catchy guitar lead before we hear Helen deliver an impeccable sweet vocal performance. The track is a love song with emotions being felt throughout both lyrically and in Helen’s voice. From the moment I first listened to this track, I could not help but hear influences from Abba. I did some research and cannot find any clear evidence that Abba has influenced her vocally but there is a definite resemblance to the Swedes.

One major highlight for me was the chorus with its memorable rhythm section and catchy hook. As a result, I could not help but find myself singing and humming the chorus melody section well after listening.

Moreover, the track was put together by John Hawkins at Avrio Records who has also found success with previous hits including Daisy Shipley’s classic ‘You're the One for Me’. Overall, from looking at John’s discography, he certainly can craft a hit. Also with Helen joining forces they have both crafted a magnificent track with 'We’re Not Together Anymore'. As a result, it is evident why they are receiving fantastic feedback for this new composition.

Helen Zenzer’s new single is sure to be a hit with country music fans!