REVIEW album Alex Francis Desire (Single)

Alex Francis Serves Us A Slick, Complex, Chilled Sound With 'Desire'

Desire (Single)

Alex Francis

Soulful, funky, pop-drenched, chilled-out, smokey-vocalled vibes is where it’s at with ‘Desire’ from Alex Francis, the North London based sibling of James Bay.

Undeniably, 'Desire' has one hell of a groove. Clash Music called him, ‘quietly inspirational’- and it is this and his unassuming laid back musical demeanour which makes him stand out above his contemporaries.

It seems like Alex has soaked up the essence of his mother’s soul records and his father’s roots-y rock collection, while absorbing the polished commercial pop tunes of his own era. These musical elements fuse together as he creates a slick, complex, yet very chilled and smooth sound - which is entirely his own.

With an EP and numerous shows, including tours with everyone from Sting to Mel C under his belt, Alex Francis is well versed in what works both in a live setting and on record.
Perfect melodies and acoustic guitars like this never go out of fashion.