REVIEW album Tim Baker The Eighteenth Hole (Single)

'The Eighteenth Hole' - Emotive Music Of The Highest Order

The Eighteenth Hole (Single)

Tim Baker

Newfoundland doesn’t exactly spring to mind as a hotbed of musical talent, but Canadian singer Tim Baker cut his teeth with award-winning folk/rock favourites, Hey Rosetta! Having listened (now multiple times) to Tim Baker’s new single, 'The Eighteenth Hole', I will be sure to check out Hey Rosetta!’s considerable back catalogue and correct this woeful void in my musical knowledge. Meanwhile, Tim Baker with his beautiful melodies and exquisitely mournful vocals is simply music's best kept secret.

'The Eighteenth Hole' has a haunting, dreamy feel. Stripped back but with Tim’s beautiful, rich vocal, it’s a simple song with unusual alliteration, and delicate back-up harmonies courtesy of Felicity Williams (of Bernice) and Nico Paulo. Tim drew from 70s songwriters, like Jackson Browne and Randy Newman when penning his solo tracks. 'Eighteenth Hole’s' fragile beauty soars with an almost autumnal shimmer, against warm, flickering candle light. It's easy to imagine how Tim Baker became something of a heartthrob – the thinking woman’s sensitive, pensive, folk-rock hero, singing gorgeous tales of heartbreak.

'The Eighteenth Hole' is emotive music of the highest order from a consummate performer and uniquely talented songwriter. If you are pondering what’s missing in your life, it’s probably the wistful and artful sound of Tim Baker…

Be sure to check it out and Tim’s album, ‘Forever Overhead’ released earlier this year. I hear Tim will be heading to the UK in January 2020 and is one artist I'll be sure to catch live. Come along - you won't be sorry.