REVIEW album Sia Babez Hit My Line (Single)

Sia Babez 'Hit My Line' - Slick, Smooth, Confident RnB Cool

Hit My Line (Single)

Sia Babez

Sia Babez’s sound is 100% slick, smooth MTV RnB flavoured and provides youthful urban vibes aplenty. You an see why her growing fanbase in her Irish homeland is going crazy about her. Sia's rich vocal belies her youthful age and would sound at home in any club in any city across the globe . Her influences include Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce –these are big names but she can quote them with confidence, as Sia has her very own genuine talent. Don't be under any illusions about that.

Brought up in Ireland but half Zimbabwean, she tries to include elements of her culture in her music. A spin of this single 'Hit My Line' and it’s easy to see how A&R big wigs might be getting excited about this artist. Not least of all because she clocked up almost 2 million listeners online in under 2 months. The song, the sound, the production and the aesthetic are all on point.

Although the sound is pure US, the video has a brilliantly fun, British edge… think dancing in ice cream vans, hot pink smoke bombs and the surely long overdue return of dance offs, lots of dance offs (Sia is also a choreographer). It’s hard to believe this future musical powerhouse is just 18 years old, you can feel her smarts, determination and talent.

Given the choice I’d probably rather be in Sia’s Girl Squad over Taylor’s. Looks more fun... and sounds epic. Go download 'Hit My Line' now and join me.