REVIEW album AKA Lonely Boy Repetition (Single)

Enigmatic & Mysterious - AKA Lonely Boy Offers An Escape Hatch From Our Daily Grind

Repetition (Single)

AKA Lonely Boy

AKA Lonely Boy’s twisted-electronic-pop-disco is deliciously addictive. The synth laden debut single ‘Repetition’ pings ‘round inside your head like a pinball, a banger? An earworm? All of the above! This is a good start. I turn it up…

Taken from the album, ‘21st Century Loneliness’ – a year in the writing, penned in 2018 and soon-to-be-released, AKA Lonely Boy is tackling themes we can all identify with, dissecting them over sexy, pounding beats and melodies- blowing up our mantras, ‘there’s nothing broken in your mind… there’s no bars that you’re behind… you don’t have to settle…’. The message is clear, shrug off the drudgery and make brave choices. Do it NOW.

AKA Lonely Boy is boldly addressing the norm, squaring up to the patriarchy and sounding mighty fine while doing so. Who is AKA Lonely Boy? There is a whiff of a Peter Gabriel vocal at work (surely not?!) and obviously an old musical hand involved here given the production values. I look forward to finding out more.