REVIEW album The Happy Curmudgeons Meant 2 Be

The Faulkner Review - 'Meant 2 Be' By The Happy Curmudgeons

Overall, this is a very fine collection of classic rock, folk and country-tinged songs that proves Lou Reed’s opinion about Dave Hamilton’s strong songwriting correct (though other members contribute to the songs also).

The differing genres provide eclectic variety and helps avoid any sense of repetitiveness that mars the music of bands who only have one style. Special mention should go to the musical performances which are first class from all concerned, a fantastic rhythm section backing up some stellar guitar work and the mixture of male and female vocals enriches their sonic palette even further.

This is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the music of Happy Curmudgeons, with their follow up album 'Second Chances' to be released by the end of the year.