REVIEW album Rose May Alaba Crazy (Single)

Rose May Alaba's 'Crazy' Is The Perfect Tonic To Those Cold Dark Nights ...

Crazy (Single)

Rose May Alaba

From the moment you hear the first few verses, you get the feeling this song will be heard everywhere. Rose May Alaba definitely wears her influences on her sleeve - and unashamedly so - on this latest release.

Her new track 'Crazy' is the perfect tonic to those cold dark nights we face for the next few months. With obvious nods to Rhianna, Shakira and Carlos Santana, the fusion of Afrobeats, pop and RnB really work for the Austrian born singer who has embraced her father's Nigerian heritage on her most recent work.

Like previous single 'Go Down Low', it is again produced by Young John and follows in the same Afrobeat /Latino fusion. Her soft sultry vocals perfectly compliment the vibes of a young woman declaring her love for her man over a flowing smooth 'Santana' esque guitar riff and showcases that, despite still being young in years, she has a knack for catchy lyrics and a soulful beat.

Even though the track is not breaking new ground musically, it turns the perfect blend of influences into a flawless slice of pop. Repeated listens are rewarded by hearing new elements, be it a chord progression, another lyric or some thoughtful little beat. For me, what makes this track work is the fact that when you hear it, you can just imagine relaxing on a beach, dancing in a club, and just lose yourself to it.