REVIEW album Splitstep Kaleidoscope

"Highway" by Splitstep -- Single Review



Splitstep’s debut single “Highway,” was written and produced by lead member Matt Golub and his father Peter Golub.

It's melodic, guitar driven and tells the story of someone travelling down life’s path -- reflecting on the past, living in the present and unsure of the future.

Splitstep is an acoustic, soft rock project based out of Denver, Colorado. The group consists of guitarist/singer/songwriter Matt Golub, drummer Daniel Carrillo, and a rotating cast of local musicians.

Ever since his childhood obsession with “Guitar Hero” a decade ago, Matt has been writing and performing music, finding inspiration from artists including Dave Matthews Band, Rush, John Butler, and John Mayer. Outside of music, Matt is a medical student at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Daniel is a prominent member of the Denver music scene who passionately shreds for a variety of local music projects.

Splitstep’s upcoming debut album 'Kaleidoscope' chronicles human experiences we all deal with; coming of age, falling in and out of love, mental health and following your dreams. The album embodies a bright acoustic sound.

With an innovative sound that speaks to all, Splitstep makes for a refreshing and soft Indie Rock sound that many can enjoy and relate to.