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Steel Panther's All You Can Eat leaves a bad taste

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Steel Panther have continued their quest to turn the clocks back thirty years with their third album,
All You Can Eat.

url-1Amongst a whirlwind of spandex and glitter, the first material released on Steel Panther’s own record label seems to follow the lead of their previous two efforts. The tongue is firmly in cheek and the fingers are dancing on fret-boards, but in contrast to the members’ hair it all seems to fall a bit flat. The first real riff, a foundation on which their previous success has been built, doesn’t occur until halfway through the album (‘Ten Strikes You’re Out’); 
All You Can Eat is long floundering before then. There are hints of the Steel Panther sound on earlier tracks, such as ‘Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World’ and ‘Gloryhole’, but once the trademark searing intros have progressed into the first chorus then it all begins to feel a bit like album filler. There are no tracks that you feel would be awesome to see live, like you did with ‘Just Like Tiger Woods’ on
Balls Out, or laugh as you listen to, like with ‘Community Property’ on
Feel the Steel. Unfortunately the new album is a bit of a disappointment. Steel Panther are a band I have seen live numerous times, and on every occasion the show has been absolutely fantastic. It seems however that as talented musicians that they are, they’re much more suited to entertaining rather than song-writing. The jokes have been made and the solos have been played – almost louder than Michael Starr’s falsetto vocals is the sound of a barrel being ruthlessly scraped. 3/10