REVIEW album Raflo & Rikette Give It Up (Single)

'Give It Up' - An Upbeat, Slick, Pop-Future-EDM Classic

Give It Up (Single)

Raflo & Rikette

Eclectic UK dance producer Raflo lends a funky 'clinky clink' groovesome dance spin to some simply sweet love song lyrics, creating an upbeat, slick, pop-future-classic with Raflo & Rikette’s ‘Give It Up’.

This track channels strong enough upbeat dancey summer vibes to carry the listener through the coldest of winters and transport them to sun-kissed beach party. The video features bright blue swimming pools and a stunning array of Rikette’s summer frocks, against a sun-drenched backdrop of infectious sounds.

It is notable to underscore that Raflo has produced and co-written tracks for artists including Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis, and this quality & experience shines through effortlessly on ‘Give It Up’. Meanwhile, Riketté is a South London based, young, talented singer inspired by the likes of Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald. Her jazzy soulful vocal fusion lends itself perfectly to this electronic dancefloor hit.

This pairing of talents is what you would definitely call a killer combination. Download this EDM track now, headphones on - it's time to hit the dancefloor at a silent disco near you…