REVIEW album Phlake Baby Steps (Single)

Danish Duo Phlake Deliver Another Slice Of Luscious R&B-Tinged Pop

Baby Steps (Single)


Danish duo Phlake, have a new single out, 'Baby Step', a luscious R&B-tinged pop cut, with auto-tuned vocals and shimmering synths. They dubbed their unique take on today’s R&B-influenced pop as ‘rhythm ‘n’ balls’ due to the ‘ballsy’ and innovative nature of their music.

The futuristic video accompanying the single is full of interesting sci-fi elements. It's the story of a mysterious infection spreading like a malware via a phone glitch filter. The virus infects the gender-fluid character, absorbs into their skin, evolving from sporadic glitches into a weird creature taking full control of their body.