REVIEW album Greg Miller & Tom JJ Traveller

Amazing Classic Chicago Blues Duo

I really enjoy this new album from Greg. I've known him through his first album 'Destination for Dreamers' which I loved and this newly formed duo took us back to classic Chicago blues in a very purist, simple but sophisticated manner with just harmonica, guitar and voice.

Some very nice original songs from Tom JJ, particularly the first one, "Traveller". Nice vocal duo as well on "Baby What You Want Me To Do". Tom is doing a swell job on the guitar and Greg is as fantastic as ever on the harp. It's only 10 tracks so I recommend to everyone, big fan or not of blues, this is a great way to discover Chicago blues as well.

If you come to London you might catch them on a gig, look for their next gigs through Greg Miller Harmonica Facebook page.

Thank you Greg & Tom, looking forward to more like these!