REVIEW album Shaylin D Mack Light My Fire (Single)

Shaylin D Mack Is Giving Us Soul Therapy

Light My Fire (Single)

Shaylin D Mack

Shaylin D Mack is bringing the soul back to soul music. She is a breath of fresh air in a climate where R&B is now becoming more computerized and you don’t know who’s doing the singing, the artist or the computer. Shaylin’s voice commands your attention as soon as you hear the first note. Her independent release of her debut single “Light my fire” is sure to be a playlist favorite.

She sings of a feel good type of love. Every note she sings gives you that new love vibe. I can hear this song being played in a movie whereas the couple finally decides to let it all go and give in to their undeniable emotions. If you're looking for some real music listen to Shaylin as she prescribes some therapy for your soul. You must add this song to your playlist.