REVIEW album Royse Oxygen (Single)

Royse Delivers An Emotional Punch Of A Single With 'Oxygen'

Oxygen (Single)


‘I hear the whisper when we touch, And the chemistry 's too much, And I need you like oxygen, Cause I know the fever when we kiss, Is it too much to say this, But I need you like oxygen...’

We have all been there at some point in our lives when lyrics like the ones above describe that intense love you have for someone that it overtakes your life and the feelings you have for another is overwhelming it is almost like you can't breathe without them.

With LA based artist Royse, her latest single 'Oxygen' is definitely one of those tracks that nearly everyone can relate to. Her ability as a songwriter and singer exquisitely evokes the emotion of someone who is drawing from her own deep personal experience that really hits people’s hearts.

This emotional punch of a single follows her last well-crafted emotive song, 'If I Loved You' which itself could easily be lifted off an Adele album such is her vocal range. When listening to the first four tracks off her self-titled debut you can certainly hear her influences from Lady Gaga to Lana Del Ray and more.

It may not be an original theme to write about, but Love is a big part of Royse' life. She is an artist that will openly bare her soul about the darkness and the light in her tracks. With 'Oxygen', it's about the light and chasing that irresistible and overwhelming feeling of a new love in your life and for me can be compared to classics like Halo such is the talent in the songwriting and singing. Musically the song has a flowing vibe and tempo so best to lie back, chill and immerse yourself in the melody and the beauty and truth of the lyrics.

When you listen to her songs it feels like she is writing them for friends, to us, so we can help one another through the good and bad times and share in each other's joy. This is an artist well worth investing both your time and emotions into. Go download this track right now - in fact download all you can by Royse.