REVIEW album Goldbringer What's Your Location Bro (Single)

Goldbringer Serves Cinematic Synth-Laden Soundscape That Captures The Mind

What's Your Location Bro (Single)


Creating synth prog pop using the influences of Italian horror director Lucio Fulci isn't perhaps the usual 'orthodox' route you might take - but in Goldbringer’s new track ‘What’s Your Location Bro?’ that is exactly what he has done.

Goldbringer aka Ben Honebone has effortlessly drawn influences from art, film and music to create a synth-laden soundscape that really captures the mind of the listener and is a complete departure from his previous work as lead singer of Prog-metal band Malum Sky. Think of Mike Snow’s Genghis Khan track and you would be on the right track sonically.

The video that accompanies the track which is taken from latest album ’Soundtracks’, features illustrations by Alban Low, draws heavily on the inspirational films by director Lucio Fulci and Goldbringer channels these influences expertly to create a mood and atmosphere that evokes a spiritual journey for every listener. As with most things in life 'less is more ' as they say - and with WYLB?, Goldbringer hasn't lazily crammed layers and layers of beats and overdubs to create a mish mash of sound but has kept it simple and easy for the listener to fully appreciate the song. Having said that- it is also sweeping and cinematic in its effect.

So as Goldbringer asks in the opening minute of the track. ’There is no room for selfish minds.’ Get out there and share this track with everyone you know.