REVIEW album Zali That Girl (Single)

Zali Take Us Back To Pop RnB Musical Excellence With 'That Girl'

That Girl (Single)


Close your eyes and you will feel the last 25 years have been a dream, as the first listen to track ‘That Girl’, from Irish singer-songwriter Zal immediately transports you back to 1995.

Don’t get me wrong- this is not a bad thing. We all love to reminisce about different, cool, eras of yesteryear and even gladly go to 90's themed club nights . So when Zali embraces these influences and wears them unashamedly on her sleeve on her latest track, I can’t help but respect that.

'That Girl' is a true RnB anthem that also expertly tips its hat to the finest soul and jazz as well as pop sensibilities. The track also deals with that 'eternal question' in life… Love. Listen to ’That Girl’, close your eyes and remember when we had the likes of Toni Braxton, TLC, SWV, and all the best RnB Pop dominating the airwaves. Zali fits brilliantly into that kind of musical excellence.

My favourite line is opener... ‘Woke up this morning, Thinking about all the, Shit that I’ve shouldered, Every day that I’ve faltered’ is a feeling at some point we have all felt regardless if it’s life or love. Delving deeper into the lyrics and it is obvious Zali embodies the soul of a true storyteller trying to capture the raw emotion of life and all that it throws at you.

The buzz in her home land of Ireland has been incredible: she's been featured on multiple streaming platforms and in several notable publications across the UK and Ireland to North America and Africa. Another star on the rise for 2020? I certainly think so.