REVIEW album Natalia Lesz x Sonu Nigam Fire In The Sky (Single)

A Truly International Collaboration Created The Magical Single 'Fire In The Sky'

Fire In The Sky (Single)

Natalia Lesz x Sonu Nigam

'There will be times that shake you, Deep in your bones, There will be dreams that grow, But they never go on...'
This new duet from Polish singer songwriter Natalia Lesz and legendary Indian popstar Sonu Nigam is a magical sweeping ballad that oozes emotion and heartfelt realism.

'Fire in the Sky' is a future classic of a contemporary ballad with expert writing contributions from both stars and a host of other big names in the industry. Here is where the song's strength lies : in the perfect lyricism and emotion that has gone into crafting such a majestic and beautiful track. Combining a rising European star and 'The Voice of India,' as Sonu has been dubbed on many occasions, is a masterstroke and will definitely open both artists to a new and wider audience.

So to experience finely crafted pop at its finest - sit back, relax and as we are told in the track... 'Just hear the sound, your beating heart, If you get lost, And let it guide you back, To where you belong.'