REVIEW album Irma Venom Of Angels (Single)

Irma Brings Us A Modern Take On Classic Soul With 'Venom Of Angels'

Venom Of Angels (Single)


Folk-soul with some beautiful 60s vibes is how you would describe ‘Venom of Angels’, the latest single and UK debut from Cameroonian singer-songwriter Irma Pany.

Based in Paris, the charismatic star has come a long way from playing acoustic covers in her bedroom, building a huge fan base already in her adopted homeland, to having multiple tours around the world already booked in her diary.

Even though the music embraces old school sensibilities the production of this track is 'right in the now', using samples and drum machines to complete a sensual musical landscape to help you escape and fully immerse yourself in this beautifully performed track.

Lyrics like ‘You’re my other side of the world, The burning city where I’ll exude, All I want is to enjoy your awesome self, And do it all over again' wouldn’t look out of place on an Alicia Keys or Lenny Kravitz track - and fusing these obvious musical influences has created a track that embodies desire, pleasure and soul. Yes it has a great musical landscape and wonderful production - but without a truly great voice we have nothing, and that is what Irma has . A voice. It exudes old school classic soul but also possesses a beauty that is all her own which can effortlessly transcend genres.

It may not be an original theme to write about, but love has helped her form into an artist just as much as Paris, her home town Douala and personal experiences growing up, which gave her a true insight into humanity and human nature.

Irma is definitely one of those artists to watch in 2020 and beyond. 'Venom of Angels' is the lead single from her upcoming album, due later this year, called 'The Dawn'. I can't wait.