REVIEW album Clara Bond Crown (EP)

A Fresh Voice Worth Listening To

Crown (EP)

Clara Bond

Clara Bond is a singer songwriter from Devon whose EP 'Crown', released last year, is definitely worth checking out.

The opening song 'Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Single' is a sardonic slice of pop with great lyrics and a fantastic R&B style tune that drives it along and burrows into your mind very quickly. 'Baby You’ve Been on my Mind' is a Taylor Swift style tune that keeps its pop sensibility whilst edging into country territory. Clara definitely has a way with the tune, but it’s her superb voice that sets her apart, a voice that combines smoothness and strength in equal measures.

'Pink Wine' is a fantastic track that is definitely the standout track on this EP. The lyrics are defiant and spiky as she tells her boyfriend ‘'Cause a love like whatever the hell we have, it ain't right’ and the attitude and power she possesses just shine through.

The final track on the EP is the title track 'Crown' which ends the quartet of songs on a high. Clearly, Clara Bond has a big talent that deserves to be noticed more than it has been so far. Once you have checked these tracks out you can bring yourself right up to date with her newest release, a stunning cover of David Gray’s 'This Year’s Love' which could be the track that really gets her noticed. I am definitely looking forward to what this seriously talented young artist will produce next.