REVIEW album Eric Silverman Rookie (EP)

Eric Silverman's 'Rookie' - The Perfect Collection Of Unique Indie Rock

Rookie (EP)

Eric Silverman

Eric Silverman’s 'Rookie' is a collection of songs with monumental riffs and hooks so effortlessly conversational that they beg for sing-a-longs. Silverman delivers passionate, heart-rending, genre-bending music with sweet melodies and a touch of irony as a side dish.
The five songs that make up 'Rookie' are a cohesive collection of captivatingly harrowing folk driven indie-pop music. Genre bending indie rock with pop sensibilities and thoughtful lyrics married together to create one hell of a set of songs.

Starting off with the incredibly timely lyrics in the first song, “As My Country Drifted Away (I Got Stoned)” Silverman sings with sweet harmony and ethereal sounds “People talk but they should scream,” and I could not agree more. Next up is the catchy, pop n’ rock Tom Petty-ish title track “Rookie. “Reno Nights” delivers textually rich melodies with the feel of more nostalgic rock n' roll. Then suddenly Silverman brings some funk in “Losing Touch”. The EP finishes with a bright acoustic sound layered with melancholy and heartfelt lyrics of “Living in Your Mind”. From start to finish the EP encompass’ musical diversity and adopts the musical essence, nostalgia, and discovery of the late '60s and '70s as he mixes rock n' soul with a more modern and very authentic approach.

Silverman serves up soulful rock tendencies and delivers wanderlust through his brand of unique indie rock. He’s crafted a universally relatable set of songs that should strike a deeply personal chord with anyone who really listens. Rookie a perfect example of how powerful music can be created when you don’t conform to any one genre.