REVIEW album Black Lilys Yalakta (Single)

'Yalakta' By Black Lilys - Ethereal, Strikingly Beautiful & Organic

Yalakta (Single)

Black Lilys

Ethereal, strikingly beautiful organic melodies and vocals evoke an other worldly vista with ‘Yalakta’, the latest release from French duo Black Lilys.

Black Lilys is brother and sister Camille and Robin Faure and their latest single is awash with dreamy atmospheric soundscapes that has you hooked from the start.

Writing and recording the song in Scotland, you register the influence of the beautiful skies and dramatic landscapes reflected on the track, creating a truly magical epic piece of work. You find yourself totally immersed and lost in the song, it acts as a kind of therapy, as you relate to the lyrics of letting someone go.

Camille’s delicate vocal delivery is perfectly accompanied by Robins lush intricate acoustic guitar taking us to a unique place of mesmerising nature. Sonically and lyrically Yalakta (a made up name to convey the true meaning of the song) is born from sweetness, sorrow, loss and love and how to cope with losing it creating some beautiful and haunting harmonies to
pack the track with emotion and rawness.

This is one of the most beautiful and haunting tracks I have heard in a long time and I really can’t wait to discover more from the talented Black Lilys. Highly recommend.