REVIEW album Girl Afraid Dutch Courage (Single)

No Nonsense Girl Afraid Release 'Dutch Courage'

Dutch Courage (Single)

Girl Afraid

A band who found success with their previous single 'Molly Malone' are back at it with 'Dutch Courage'.

Courage, yes, they have it. It is a track which punches you in the face with its grit and energy which left me fully hydrated from the get-go. Overall its a blinder with an opener reminiscent of good old indie from 2005, which for me was the year of good old indie rock.

But, fast forward 15 years and we have something rather unique from the Hull group. Fronted by lead vocalist Sam Mellors, the track craves thirsty indie enthusiasts with is sharp hooks and guitar-driven chorus.

The band have found a pure distinctive sound. However, there are clear influences within its foundation. Furthermore, I can hear an Arctic Monkeys vibe here. But, it's not a replica and its an entirely new direction of your typical indie delivery.

So what next for this band? I expect them to keep climbing to great heights. After all, this is just the first single in 2020. Plus, I still believe that the best is yet to come. Also, they are a relatively new band who have plenty more years to develop their sound further. Therefore, I am very excited to see what the future has in store for Girl Afraid.

If like me, you crave new indie and are thirsty for something fresh, then fill your boots with Dutch Courage. It is a real eye-opener for the right reasons.