REVIEW album Danielle Hollobaugh Goodbyes (Single)

Danielle Hollobaugh New Single 'Goodbyes'

Goodbyes (Single)

Danielle Hollobaugh

Danielle Hollobaugh, who resides in LA, has just released her charismatic new pop release 'Goodbyes'. I was lucky to have been sent this before its release. I have been playing it most days since.

The track got me emotionally attached very quickly, and I could hear a variety of influences on it from the start. It is reminiscent of something Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez may have put out. But that is a good thing because I am a massive admirer of both of them.

It kicks off with the perfect intro which suddenly puts Danielle in the hot seat delivering a well-sung vocal hitting each note flawlessly.

Forget about the winter, close your eyes, and this track has the power to take you somewhere else. I felt refreshed hearing something which reminded me of warmer days with its summertime vibes.

Also, the chorus is pretty catchy. I could not help but feel Danielle's emotion here who wants to stay with her lover. She eases through the chorus with confidence, revealing that nothing else is necessary other than being with the one who means the world to you the most.

Overall, it's a solid start to 2020 for Danielle who is a leading example of the talent coming from MNN Records in the U.K. Also I am very interested to see what else she has up her sleeve as we progress through the year.

Is Danielle Hollobaugh reinventing pop? No. But she deserves a place at the table for sure. Also, this track hits home the talent which Danielle possesses. You can listen to 'Goodbyes' below.