REVIEW album Glass Forest I Remember

Glass Forest Express Things Left Unsaid On "I Remember"

I Remember

Glass Forest

Sometimes our minds fill in the blanks and jealousy can get out of hand, ultimately causing our relationships to implode. Sometimes you look back on past relationships in a different light and while you still have an appreciation for the love you shared, you also realize that your feelings have changed and it can never be the same.

Since two of the members of Glass Forest [Nick & Abby] had previously dated, the band's new single – “I Remember” – was written and performed by two people actually going through this kind of situation.

This song served as a way for both Nick & Abby to express things left unsaid while working through their emotions of being broken up while in a band together. It became a safe space to explore their feelings and, ultimately, a therapeutic experience that needed to happen in order to move forward.

It’s not easy re-exposing old memories, nevermind sitting down in a studio with your ex to confront past emotions.