REVIEW album Marcus Gray Free Man (Single)

Marcus Gray 'Free Man': Beautifully Crafted, Heart-On-Sleeve Inspiration

Free Man (Single)

Marcus Gray

‘All the stories of glory implore me to keep chasing my dreams, And I gotta shake it, take it, create what I need’ and that is definitely what young singer songwriter Marcus Gray is doing with new track ‘Free Man.

Born in London, then moving to Surrey, Gray decided to relocate to Brighton to pursue his dreams of a music career and a way to let go of being trapped in his own mind. Maybe it's the creativity of this place that has unlocked Gray's mind block and has unleashed his prodigious talent.

A healthy dose of 60's and 70's rock music help shape his early formative years but it was seeing Frank Turner live that had the biggest influence and it is unashamedly evident on this beautifully crafted track complimented by an acoustic time-honoured vibe. It's these varied influences that make ‘Free Man’ feel like an instant classic.

Sonically and lyrically a well crafted song in the vein of classic Turner tracks ‘I still believe’ and “The way I intend to be’, it sounds energetic and fresh - from an artist establishing his freedom and sense of self. It will not be too long before young aspiring musicians will be seeing Marcus Grey as their ‘Frank Turner’ and be inspired to pick up a guitar and wear their heart on their sleeve.

‘I live my life on the line, Time after time, Night after night, Rhyme after rhyme’. Heart on sleeve honesty right there. Download this track and play it several times a day to remind you to live your best, truthful life.