REVIEW album Wray Nebulous (Single)

"Nebulous" By Wray Is An Effervescent Groove

Nebulous (Single)


Fantasy and science-fiction are often treated as an escape from reality, but in the heart of those fantastic worlds lie prescient truths about our world. On the other side of that coin, some of the world’s greatest aesthetic beauty comes in the form of raw science.

The new album from Birmingham, Alabama’s Wray vibrates at the intersection of those dichotomies and others—hope and pessimism, wild and composed, joy and pain. There is no light without dark, no dark without light, a concept which birthed the dual record 'Stream of Youth / Blank World.'

Lead single, "Nebulous," is a lithe, effervescent groove powered by an insistent, rubbery bass.

“Tongues smoke, legs blur,” bassist/vocalist David Brown repeats, his wife Luciana Giovinazzo providing otherworldly backing vocals. David Swatzell’s guitar slices in and out of frame, a neon laser carving through the gauzy synths and shimmering percussion.

Across seven minutes, Wray build a neo-noir epic of concentric circles, layers of vintage synth building and burning the fringes.