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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The choice tracks from the bands we've featured this week including; Manchester Orchestra, Cloud Nothings, Damon Albarn, Drowners, Kevin Drew, Youth Man, Augustines, The Exploited and much, much more...
Manchester Orchestra: Every Stone (from the album Cope)
What We Said: "A
n album of intricate beauty and well-crafted songs, that reveal a depth of emotion far belying their youth" - Click here to read our full review. Cloud Nothings: I’m Not Part Of Me (from the album Here And Nowhere Else)
What We Said: "B
ut really at the end of the day it would be churlish not too succumb to the album’s pummelling charms" - Click here to read our full review. Animals As Leaders: Another Year (from the album The Joy Of Motion)
What We Said: "A
nother dizzying collection of progressive metal with some added flourishes woven in for good measure" - Click here to read our full review. The Exploited: Beat The Bastards (from the album Beat The Bastards)
What We Said: "W
idely considered one of the best second generation British punk albums ever made" - Click here to read our full review. Bleach Blood: Anything Anything (from the e.p Darling Don’t Dive)
What We Said: "F
urther evidence of a band perhaps still searching for an identity but with every chance of breaking through" - Click here to read our full review. Cuz: Tamatebako (from the album Tamatebako)
What We Said: “A
 heady mix of whisky-gnarl, motoric riff, thrift-store percussion and toy synth, the effect is a tight, groovy, ever-elusive, outsider pop” - Click here to read our full review. Youth Man: Wide Awake (from the album Bad Weather)
What We Said: "
Birmingham punk trio Youth Man continue their assault on the UK music scene at full throttle" - Click here to read our full review. Augustines: Now You Are Free (new single) (from the album: Augustines)
What We Said: "
There’s something slightly endearingly retro sounding about Augustines" - Click here to read our full review. Damon Albarn: Everyday Robots (from the forthcoming album Everyday Robots)
What We Said: "T
he new studio album Everyday Robots is released by Parlophone on 28th April" Kevin Drew: Bullshit Ballad (from the album Darlings)
What We Said: "
It’s a quiet triumph that deserves the attention of your ears" - Click here to read our full review. The OK Social Club: Threads (from forthcoming album)
What We Said: "
Elements of Franz Ferdinand and Royal Bangs can be heard, but it’s an identity wholly their own that impresses me so much." Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire: Bright Light Fever (from their new single due for release April 17th)
What We Said: "
A perfectly formed slice of Pop-Rock with huge hooks and some fine band interplay throughout – confident in it’s delivery it’s hard not to be impressed" Drowners: Luv, Hold Me Down (from the album Drowners)
What We Said: "
A breezily infectious punk-pop sprint which sounded like the very best moments of rock history crammed into less than 30 minutes of pure hedonism" - Click here to read our full review. Pantera: Becoming (from the album Far Beyond Driven 2oth Anniversary Edition)
What We Said: "
Twenty years on, this release still sounds unforgivingly heavy and urgent." - Click here to read our full review. Negash Ali: Fire In The Sky (from the forthcoming album The African Dream)
What We Said: "
With all of his songs, but particularly on his new ‘The African Dream’ he’s managed to make his songs and his music transcend hip-hop, even though that’s his love and his basis for his songs."