REVIEW album Anesthis Prayer (Single)

Anesthis New Track 'Prayer' Is Simply Majestic

Prayer (Single)


Anesthis has just released his new track 'Prayer', and I have been attached to it ever since. He keeps on giving.

Having researched Anesthis it is clear to see why he is rapidly rising in the classical industry. Also, he hails from Bucharest, which is host to some of the worlds most beautiful classical concerts. I could only imagine how great 'Prayer' would sound being performed live at the Romanian Athenaeum.

It is an impressive track which tugged on my heartstrings. I have not always been a massive fan of classical and it is not often that I review these type of pieces but having heard it, I knew I had to put pen to paper.

The track follows the stereotypical classical piece, but it provides something far more imaginative than your average composition. It twists and it turns into various directions, and it led me onto an unforgettable journey.

For me, I could hear lots of influences on this piece, but yet it is distinct and stands out uniquely with a bold accent and charismatic texture. It is soft in places but gets aggressive where it needs to, and the blend between emotion flows effortlessly.

This track sits in a high place on my classical chart. I doubt I will forget this composition for a very long time and I will be listening to 'Prayer' on many occasion.

If you are seeking the most elegant classical composition, then look no further than 'Prayer'. I doubt you will be disappointed.