REVIEW album IAMHaile Thank You (Single)

IAMHaile Releases Huge Track 'Thank You'

Thank You (Single)


American rapper IAMHaile is ticking all the right boxes at the moment. As a result, he is making a name for himself at a rapid rate within the global hip hop community.

Having been an avid Hip Hop fan for many years, I always find it refreshing to hear a new rapper taking a new leaf out of the hip hop book. For me, every rapper is unique, and there is no exception when it comes to IAMHaile.

The rapper who resides in North Carolina has a Christian influence, and his messages are delivered clearly within his lyrics. Also, his passion soaks the track, and for me, I found it motivational and uplifting. After all, rappers can influence peoples lives and I am an advocate for artists who change lives for the better through their music.

'Thank you' has the commercial quality. But, it also keeps true to its indie background. Also, its' down to earth delivery is being praised by many. It has a rock-solid beat and a vocal which oozes in confidence. The only thing I would have changed is the repetitive synth melody. But it does work, and the more I listen to it, the more it pleases me.

Overall, 'Thank you' is a powerful release. Also, although slightly religious at various points, it does not come across preachy and it gives you an 'anything is possible' vibe.

If you are seeking meaningful rap, then look no further.