REVIEW album AXLS First Contact

'First Contact' - The Debut Album From UK Synthpop Trio AXLS

First Contact


AXLS are a synthpop trio hailing from the North-East, UK. They haven't been on the live circuit for long, but it seems that already they are turning heads.

That's probably down to the fact that they are doing something different. Their debut album 'First Contact' is a stunning concept piece with each track telling a different chapter of the story. It's a tale centred around the protagonist Alias, who is the only one capable of saving the human race from an extraterrestrial invasion.

'First Contact' will have you contemplating, swaying to the powerful rhythms, and in other parts, full-on dancing. Their first release from the album was 'ICBM' last year which is a standout electro dance tune.

Personal favourites for me include 'Snowblind' which is a synth-driven ballad you don't want to miss. Victoria's beautiful vocals are matched by oh-so cool, low-slung bass from Conrad and layers of analogue synth from Chris. 'Heaven' is a mellow ballad that offers a very poignant moment of reflection midway through the album.

A treat to the ears and to the storytellers within us all - go stream 'First Contact' now on all major platforms. There are also physical copies of the album to purchase from the band. Get in touch with them to grab a copy.