REVIEW album IVI Andromeda (Single)

Seductive Pop Alchemy: The New Single 'Andromeda' By IVI

Andromeda (Single)


Diverse, intense, emotional and strong are just some of the things that come to mind when listening to ‘Andromeda’, the debut single by 25-year-old IVI. It is a heady brew of all the above with some more ethereal dreaminess thrown on top.

The Austrian born Londoner (but signed to an Italian label - a truly international artist, it can definitely be said) has already been called the Marlene Dietrich of our generation and it is this uniqueness of her musical versatility and smoky, clipped vocals that really make this track stand out. It is about love and staying strong to your emotions. A well worn theme but nonetheless a universal one we all relate to.

The song is an 'earworm' - and one that is equally at home being played in a club, in a car or just relaxing on a summers day with a drink in the garden. IVI's smoky voice evokes passion, seduction and intensity and the weariness of the love-lorn . For a debut release this will take some beating.

If future releases are equally as emotive and beautifully crafted then the music world has another little gem on their hands. In the meantime download 'Andromeda', close your eyes and let the track transport you to your own wistful, filmic dreamscape.