REVIEW album Shaima Green Eyes (Single)

Shaima's ‘Green Eyes’ - Boldly Standing Up To Negativity And Hate

Green Eyes (Single)


‘Every time I look, you look away… look at me with disdain.’ With opening lyrics like that you know an artist has something to say. 26 year old West Londoner Shaima delivers her powerful new single ‘Green Eyes’ - a song about standing up to bullying, protecting yourself from negativity and hate.

The track really embraces her multi-ethnic background uniquely incorporating the beats of traditional instruments like sitar, Arabic flute and tabla while still having that cool and street Hip Hop / RnB vibe. The track has a determined feisty-ness to it and it is a call to arms to anyone suffering from all forms of prejudice.

Her name, Shaima -meaning Beauty mark in Arabic- definitely represents her attitude and mission to being a young Muslim woman who wants to make her mark in the industry and to fight for the representation and empowerment of women worldwide.

It’s the diversity, differing styles and her multi cultural upbringing that really makes this track work as it rings with authenticity and fire. What also shines through is that it is actually very well produced and beautifully crafted. Moreover, this is real 'DIY music' as Shaima has produced this through her very own record label. Not only is she an artist - she is also a leader in her field.

Her aims are clear and rather timely too given recent events in the world. Shaima, through her music, assertively gets her game plan on the table: to break down cultural barriers through multi-instrumentation and lyrics that appeal to everyone from diverse backgrounds. The end goal: bringing them all together in harmonious musical unity. Highly recommend. Get this on your playlist now.