REVIEW album Worry Party Souvenirs (EP)

Deluxe Edition EP 'Souvenirs' By Worry Party Is Out Today!

Souvenirs (EP)

Worry Party

Worry Party are an indie electronic four-piece from the North-East, UK. Their remarkable EP ‘Souvenirs’ is out today!

‘Souvenirs’ was initially only a passion project never intended for release, written and recorded over the course of six months in Steven's spare room. Steven Chell provides vocals, guitar and keys and is now joined by Chris Old on guitar, Laura Hilton on vocals and Glenn Whitfield on bass.

Punctuated with stillness and simplicity, their songs settle somewhere on the spectrum between Purity Ring and early Death Cab... it's a delicious fusion of indie, folk and electronica.

Anyone in the North-East should go and see this band live in future - they have luckily moved away from ambient bedroom jams and small acoustic shows and now perform with live electronics and full instrumentation.

The EP has since been re-imagined with instrumentals and remixes by local producers accompanying the original. These producers are the talented Xaatu, Crimewave, Shodashoto, Ako and also Joey Murphy, who has produced a remix of all four tracks. They each provide different creative perspectives on the tracks in ‘Souvenirs’, making them their own while keeping the freshness of the originals alive.

A treat to the ears and particularly to the deep-thinkers among us, go stream 'Souvenirs' now on all major platforms! Oh, and check out the stunning landscape portraits captured by photographer Callum Robinson which accompany the release and make up the cover artwork for ‘Souvenirs’ too.