REVIEW album JOSHUi Ends (Single)

JOSHUi To Drop 'Ends' This Friday

Ends (Single)


JOSHUi is taking the hip hop world by storm with his new release 'Ends'. A track which puts UK hip hop and grime on full display with its shining quality. I first came across JOSHUi recently and I could not help get hooked.

It kicks off with a police siren which gives the impression of a getaway. Musically, it is dark with a deep ambience. Lyrically, JOSHUi shows off his poetic tongue with a meaningful delivery. For me, I have not heard a more catchy release this year, but I am a massive lover of the modern UK Hip Hop scene. Also, it gets more gritty and raw the more underground you go; therefore, it was refreshing to hear 'Ends.'

Overall, I feel this is a stable release from JOSHUi. He is, however, still early in his career; therefore, the best is most likely yet to come. Nevertheless, if his future releases are anything like 'Ends', then we are in for a treat. Also, he is an excellent example of the talent coming out of London at the moment. As a result, rappers in the capital just keep on giving.

Dave? Stormzy? All great artists in their own right but JOSHUi is now at the party too. Therefore, if you are looking for the latest and best hip hop, then look no further than JOSHUi. Everyone is talking about him (for the right reasons).