REVIEW album Outline Candid (Single)

Outline Release Smashing New Single 'Candid'

Candid (Single)


Firstly, nothing excites me more than coming across a new band who leave me wondering why I had never heard of them before. Well, Outline falls into this category.

I heard this new track 'Candid' recently and it got me thinking, why has no one else taken this direction of sound which they have made? The niche is there, and the lads have filled the void cleverly. They have taken influence from Indie pop greats like the 1975 but have produced something unique to themselves.

The song starts with a chorus lead with a soothing piano melody lying on top of it. The bassist needs to take his hat off because he has made bass cool again. My speakers were rocking, and I am not sure if that is due to the sublime bass line or because I had this blasting at full volume. I could also speak forever and a day about lead singer Jack's vocal. It is like a blend of Ed Sheeran and Matt Healy, but yet it is not a replica, and his performance shines brightly through the tight mix. 'Candid' is a catchy track, and it is no surprise to see the recognition it is receiving already.

Overall, their sound is a hybrid of all things fabulous in the indie-pop realm. Also, for me, I found this feel-good track remarkably refreshing and even motivational, even much so I was tempted to put my laptop down and head straight home to pick up my guitar. Excellent work, lads!